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How Does zighunt.com Works?


Zighunt is a digital platform that makes it easy for you to discover amazing places in your city. We allow users-owned businesses from various industries to provide information about their businesses on our platform. As a user, you can search by keyword, location, and category to find whatever you’re looking for. Think of our website as a search engine for places.


How Come Zighunt Only List Penang City?


Currently, we are focusing our platform in Penang city (Malaysia) and may expand to other cities in near future.


How Many Categories Of Business Type Are Available?


Currently, we are focusing on 5 business type categories which are Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe Bar & Pub and Dessert House. We may expand to more other business type categories in near future.


How Do I Sign Up For My Business?


You can signup your business on zighunt for FREE here.


Why Is My Business Not Added After I Sign Up Zighunt?


We have to verify your business before approving it and listing it onto our website. This process can take 1 to 3 working days. This is to ensure every businesses are verified and provide good experience for users whom are using this platform. If you’re still not seeing your business listed on our platform, please contact us here.


Is Zighunt Free to Join?


Yes – zighunt is totally FREE platform for all business owners to join.

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