Zighunt is an online digital platform that makes easy for everyone to use and discover amazing places within city. This platform is built and develop from time to time in order to create a better exposure and awareness owned businesses around us.

What we believe is by helping and supporting local businesses around us will contribute to social and economic growth.

Besides, Zighunt operate in a friendly and professional way by helping users to discover places or businesses within their interest. It also helps businesses owners to tell about the history, vision, intent, mission or even stories pertaining their company.

One way or other, it connects users and businesses owners in a genuine way.

Unlike search engine, Zighunt is manually contribute by people such as business owners, travellers and etc. Typically, what we do know is search engine is based on results gathered by automatic bot crawlers. However, the information gathered will or limited to particular fields or subjects.

With Zighunt, you can instantly browse places or businesses based on categories search and save your time by eliminating using manual ‘traditional’ web searches method.